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Either way, loss or manifestations at this specific lunar event hold energy of things that are or were very impressive on a personal level and will provide the soils needed in summer to plant new dreams and wishes all about your personal desires. Find spiritual and artistic inspiration through pushing your boundaries around surrendering and seeking a oneness with all. This New Moon is one where you will get a chance to reboot all things relationship.

There is some powerful energy around this lunar seeding time with Pluto and Venus sitting in cahoots with the sun and moon. This will insist that you and any partner in your life dive very deep to explore all regions of each other and find your power as a couple. There is potency here and you could go through some intense transformations together over the course of the next 6-months that will either tear you apart or rebirth your connection in a stronger more authentic union.

Venus will insist on this being done with fairness and grace. Be sure to look at all sides of issues to be sure balance is being dealt with in a harmonious way. Powerful intensity meets divine graciousness here. A square from Uranus and Pallas could bring friction in relationships due to career desires—potentially through out of the blue happenings.

Pallas will ensure that you have wisdom and intuitive intelligence to find interesting and unique solutions. A big moment on the last day of the month will see you shedding layers to realign with updates that have been trying to form inside of you for the past year or two. How do you feel your authentic voice, sense of value, and connection to the material realm of your life is shifting? Females, nurturing instincts, and your emotional wiring are all starting to vibrate differently and so changes in your outer world will gradually or immediately start to reflect this.

How you feel about creativity and leadership in relation to income and possessions will bring up a lot of energy around how you use food and nurturing in your life—and possibly how your mother used it in relation to your self-esteem. Shedding her story may help you feed yourself and nurture others more authentically. A light may also get shone on how you or another is silencing your true feelings or fears in your commitments. There could be some power dynamics that feel more realized and you see more clearly the value and originality you possess in your position as a partner.

Daily Horoscopes

If things are coming up around this pattern, ask yourself if you are using jealousy or revenge to cover up true feelings toward a partner. A new year and likely a very new you, Leo. As you move into , Capricorn Season will have you rediscovering the daily rhythms, processes, and responsibilities that make you feel like a whole, sane person. Slow and steady does the trick for you in how you accomplish your to-do task list.

The days surrounding the 8th and 9th could be really interesting as your ruler, the sun, has a very potent meeting with Venus and Pluto as the moon squares off to all three of you. Something around communication, belonging, and community could spark a lot of energy in work projects and new responsibilities coming your way. The wealth of potential and connection to deep authenticity that can be found by looking very deeply at events during this time could hold mini transformations—possibly some big ah-ha moments around feeling purposeful and useful in your life.

On the 19th, we move into the second to last zodiac season of the year, with Aquarius taking the reins. For you, this is a season that will bring some things into full view around big new beginnings that started in August. Things that began in the summer around personal passions, new clarity of self, or general updates in life direction may feel more real and spring from inside of you into the outer world. Meanwhile, new energy will start to bubble around your relationships and you may sense that this is also an area of your life about to go through some big shifts and new chapters.

Near Summer Solstice, you may have felt a need to surrender and find more compassion and spirituality in your life. New seeds likely formed that are now ready to blossom around the first night of this month. Great healing, inspiration, and compassion are likely coming to the surface and you could feel very secure and safe in a cosmic blanket of oneness with all.

Standing sturdy and strong in your daily duties will balance these needs out and give you the freedom you seek to escape into the family of cosmic, mystical space. Extra healing is available by purging any hidden shame, guilt, or secrets in the home and this will bring much clarity and opportunity to feel greater empowerment and a more solid and powerful foundation underfoot.

This is your chance in the year to spark new life awake in how you want to feel more whole, healthy, and productive in your life. With Capricorn energy ruling this part of your chart, you likely find that having a title, an impressive reputation, and lots of responsibility in the world are what make you feel like a complete, sustainable human, able to belong to yourself.

A square from Uranus in Aries may have you joining groups or friends to seek greater wisdom and push your boundaries around finding an expanded sense of self and more clarity about your passions. Just as you may have experienced big new cycles arising in your life over the summer, some subtle and more emotionally centered endings and beginnings are likely arriving for you at the Leo Lunar Eclipse. Although lunar eclipses rarely produce very visible changes in life, they do hit your feelings of security and safety much stronger.

Let yourself freely release emotions, tear, fears, and ask for the support you need. It can be a scary process to shake things up in your emotional orientation. Just know that whatever is being felt or events rocking your life, the universe is leading you toward the updates that you need to move forward in your life. Relax into the process and know that better things are coming for you. Welcome to , Virgo. As you take your first analytical peek at this new year, you will find a lot more earthy resonance and sustainable energy that will suit you better than energies of Currently in the ever diligent season of Capricorn, you start your year off in the spotlight with new found leadership and creativity introducing itself into your life.

Until the 10th, you might have a need to find extra doses of safety and nurturing in your life. Tend to lots of self-care and nurture yourself by finding avenues to expand and broaden your horizons around home and family. Look for opportunities to give your roots room to grow, even in international soils. Once we get to the 11th, that leadership calling I mentioned above could come on-line in a clearer way. Use until the end of the month to really explore how you want to use your authority and responsible nature to take the lead and feel expressive. More and more eyes will start to shift your way this month.

As we enter Aquarius Season on the 19th, work and daily rhythms will call out for a refresh in your life. Find new vital connections to what you are working on in your day-to-day and push yourself to find updates that are more in-line with what you enjoy.

Horoscopes: free astrology reading, love horoscopes | Glamour

A hint, with Aquarius ruling the work sector of your chart, duties involving think-tank scenarios, progressive collaborating, or originality suit your needs and are where you can feel a great sense of usefulness and wholeness in your life. Astrology may be something that you dip your toes into, collaborative works, working with friends, areas of technology, or non-profits that work for the good of humanity are all good place to start exploring and uncovering who you are newly becoming.

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Next month may see you shooting into a dramatically different direction in your work life and the spring holds even greater changes as some subtle shifts have you less self-centered around needing lone-wolf roles and power in your work duties to wanting more value and expansion in your daily processes. A longer transit may show you finding great balance and symbolism in your life through nurturing things mystical, spiritual, or artistic in your life.

Food could be a very healing and creative component in your life if you take the time to understand it and how it affects you on a daily basis. This is a trend that will continue until June. As you find new, and maybe slightly awkward footing in leadership or creative responsibilities, this budding perspective helps you to more fully understand a need to embrace an opposite energy—the cozy nurturing you need in your life to feel safe and protected. At the Cancer Full Moon, new realizations help push fullness into your life around embracing and caring for the groups and friendships that you belong to.

Friends may feel like your family and you hold the mothering energy that helps groups to gestate, strengthen, and birth new movements and collaborations. Tap into this and allow your intuitive abilities to feed and be valued by all those who recognize the powerful yet veiled energy you bring to your circles. Partners may hold very mystical and spiritual compassion in your life right now and are available to pump you full of inspired harmony. Community and communications could be intense and pushing things to your surface that have been hiding in your darker corners.

What comes up and into the light will help you feel a lot of clarity and opportunity around alignment within and with others that you connect with on the regular.

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Purging of shame, guilt, and trauma in your mental patterns is possible right now. This is a very powerful Full Moon and you currently have the natural nourishment, precision, and authentic voice to be the root system that holds and grows your packs together with strength and protection. Intentions forming now are incredibly potent and have the potential to make you a very powerful, authentic leader and authority in something that fills you with value and brings great resources to your doorstep.

Very hard work is in store, but for those Virgo's willing to dig deep, investigate, and purge things blocking essential energies through vulnerability, true greatness and presence could solidify your role as a leader this summer. Commit to your path and do what it takes to step into your light, Virgo. There could be a challenge in all of this from a group, friendship, or work project that wants to hoard your power or challenges you to own your personal clarity and power, but this friction will ultimately see you making original paths forward that allow you to be who you are and know how to assert your differing roles to different areas of your life with wisdom.

Great new alignment and life balance could show up in the form of endings and beginnings with females or in your emotional sphere and in relations to how you surrender to being creative, playful, and vital in all things mystical, artistic, and spiritual. You may find that updates have to be made to support who you are starting to become.

A very creative, star role in the arts and mysticism may be thrust upon you. With lots of female cosmic bodies involved in this eclipse, expect to be blown away by the powers of more unseen forces. There may be some big updates made in your connection to food and how it can be used to heal and restore your life force; big life commitments could place you in unique work roles that fill you with value and regal purpose, balancing out the more undefined cosmic territory that you are newly exploring in your life.

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Your chart ruler, Venus, is heavily involved in things this month so expect to be on point and ready for a lot of potent energy to imbue your life. The dates surrounding the 8th-9th are particularly interesting. You might find that digging and purging old ancestral narratives in your views of home and family could show authority and power dynamics that need some healing.

As we head into this new year, Capricorn Season is afoot, and for you, this connects you squarely with new energy and revitalized interest in creating solid, impressive foundations in your life. The nurtured security you seek comes from you taking on positions of responsibility as your roots are entangled with holding responsibility and title. You are likely very successful at solidifying all things that make you and yours feel safe in life.

No building on sand for you, rather hammering out and putting foundations in solid rock is what makes you feel that your home and family have foundations that will hold up to time, wear, tear, trends. Allow yourself to explore what makes you feel nurtured and safe until the 19th and know that a new 3-year trend will have you ambitious and working very hard to structure and bring integrity to the roots of your life. As we arrive at the 19th, Aquarius Season takes over. This is a sign that revitalizes your connection to creativity, kids, recreation, and leadership.

Collaboration is something that you bring a lot of warmth and originality to, knowing how to direct group energy in a solid direction. Allow yourself to be playful and connect with lots of friends and groups this season to re-spark your vital interest in your creative energy. Big changes are coming your way in all of this next month as the cosmos has decided you are ready to update how you connect to this part of yourself.

Start preparing to accept endings and beginnings around group energy, kids, and your place as an aloof yet progressive leader. Big moments in career and aspirations could be blossoming right now with feelings of safety, nurturing, and intuitive authority. Something around women or family and achievements are showing you how deep and nourished you really are. Clarity and opportunity around powerful value is adding further support to things coming up for you right now.