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The Three Energies. The Forgotten Canons of Health and Harmony

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Shiv Mandir. The chanting session we held at the end went over very well and refreshments to follow were for the health conscious. My real good friend from Poland, Mahasrngha, cooked pasta for me and baked a delicious carob cake to be shared by all. Rami Bleckt, our host and ayur-veda astrologer, demonstrated his love by staging the event in his home. A real gentleman! I was contemplating on the thought of Sunday evening being this way for the whole world' that a sense of community be the real experience for the entire human race and that real joy could be felt by all.

As Krishna states in the Gita, "susukam kartum avyayam. Slavic people turned for help to Magi healers and priests , Rambam is a famous Jewish scholar, and Avicenna is a known Arabic scholar of medicine and philosophy. Unfortunately this knowledge is generally written in a complicated way that many find it difficult to understand for a modern man.

What I accomplished: after reading many books, and attending multiple seminars on this subject, I have compiled all this information in a simple language. I have seen how this knowledge has helped many people regardless of their spiritual orientation. I am confident that it can help all of you! The first part of this book is based on my introductory seminars and is suitable for those who have limited understanding of this knowledge.

We deliberately left the style of writing very close to the speaking style to make the subject more accessible. Our experience is that educated people can easily understand it. We have been pleased to receive warm feed back from people who are new to this knowledge as well as from those who have studied and worked in the field of eastern medicine and psychology for many years.

Even if your goal is not spiritual and you just want to be happy, healthy and successful then this knowledge can help you to achieve your goals in a practical way.

They can radically change our understanding of human nature, culture, history and reality itself. The essence, the finest particles do not weigh anything. They are something else and more — information, movement, vibration, sound beyond the range of the human ear. Many modern scientists, particularly physicists, came to the conclusion that all matter consists of only waves and nothing else.

There are two types of waves — corked, which refer to matter, and free, which refer to radiation or light. These scientific statements prove the ancient theory which explains that the foundation of the material Universe is simply a movement and there is no other foundation for the Universe except movement. Anyone familiar with the latest scientific advancements knows that light is a rhythmical vibration or activity irregular movements.

The Three Energies. The Forgotten Canons of Health and Harmony. Rami Bleckt

Light, activity and stability are three main types of movement which are not only the components of all substances but provide the foundation for the environment within which these substances exist. According to modern science the characteristics of atoms and molecules depend only on their structure and in final analysis they are nothing more than different combinations of these three types of movement.

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In the chemical synthesis of any compound, for example DNA, if we add a radical in one place and take out one atom in another, the characteristic of the substance changes. Thus it is the movement that can be considered as the foundation of the substance of the objective Universe. The conclusions of Eastern psychology and modern science are similar and affirm that movement appears to be the foundation of the physical Universe. The path is now open for accepting essential ancient teachings which define the foundation of the Universe is mental, and everything that appears to be a combination of mental and physical phenomena, in reality is a result of a psychic experience or purely mental phenomenon.

There were and still are two ways of perceiving the Nature of things.


On the one hand it is represented by Western science, which requires proof, experiments, etc. On the other hand is Eastern science — the knowledge received from an outer esoteric source, for example, in the process of meditation. Esoteric knowledge is not taken, it is given to people. At some point the esoteric path was lost and then another way was developed, extremely difficult and slow. In the last thousand years we have come to the knowledge that has been known in the East for over years. Despite the fact that not all of the colleagues agreed with this scientist, his statement is interesting.

Certainly the further science progresses, the more it validates what was understood thousands years ago. In ancient ages, enlightened sages knew about these three energies and the three different types of movements.

The excerpts from the book by I. If we analyze how the gunas manifest in different aspects of life we see that they have their roots in their own fundamental and special natures, which depend on three types of movement — harmonious, chaotic and static. Movement and nothing else is the structural foundation of the gunas. Actually, there are only three main types of movement. Movement can be rhythmical or non-rhythmical. The latter type is found in molecules moving in gas or liquid.

Movement can be rhythmical or harmonious, for example, light or sound. Even sound vibrations evoke cognition of an object — the emitting sound can enlighten the mind. The third type of movement is a fixed condition and is called sthiti or stability.

How to cut your hair by the lunar calendar — Cozy Calendars by PrediApp

One who has some knowledge of physics and chemistry can take any material object and analyse its composition in terms of rhythmical, non-rhythmical and static movements. Take water for example. What is the composition of water?

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It is kriya. Each molecule contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, united together and separated by a fixed distance. That is sthiti. That is prakasa.

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  • Therefore, any object can be represented as a unique combination of these three fundamental types of movement or, using terms from yoga psychology, as a unique transformation of the gunas. The distinctive qualities of all objects depend on certain unique combinations or structures and change when the structure changes. In this way, only movement can be considered as the base and substance of the objective Universe.

    The Three Energies.