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I was a true non beliver till last year when I visited Vaideeswaran Koil and I saw a lot of Nadi shops there just for the heck of it I thought why not and checked it out I decided I shall not say a word to the guy reading my Nadi AND answered only in yes or no but was shocked to find he not only read the names of all the family members correctly but quoted some of the secrets only known to me even the date of my seeing the nadi was there. I had not gone to him with any problem in life and neither did he say so all was well and no uncalled pariharams were suggested to me as in case of some phonys.

I now see my life following the same path as indicated in my nadi which some times you understand after the incident as there is more then one meaning to each word. Prasad Engineer and business man from Coimbatore India. I m really very very keen to know about it. Would greatly appreciate if you could give me the contact details of where and whom I should see. My email is pusevaraj yahoo. Thank you. Hai all, I am Harshini from United states. It was very intersting to read about naadi astrology. I want to experience the same thing. Can anyone give me the contact details and address of a genuine naadi astrologer?.

I would apreciate for that. My e-mail id harshinihema yahoo.

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  7. NADI ASTROLOGER VASHISTAR mopoxafuncsick.gqUTHU - mopoxafuncsick.gq.

Thank U Harshini. Hi all, I would like to share my experience on this olai chuvadi. So many claims that they are a branch of mayiladurai temple and do nadi reading, i went to such a place and was really irritated. They try to get all answers indirectly by asking you in othey ways.

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Please dont trust this, i know that some of the palm readers are good. Hi, Its very good to see the information on Nadi astrology. Can some one pls. We live in the 21st century. Statistics plays a big role here and the numbers are growing so any random rambling will be true in someones life. It is like beleiving that you have to pray follow some rituals and chant in some ancient language to be safe and get your wishes fulfilled.

Can anyone please tell me a good nadi astrologer at Chidambaram - it will be great for me to get the address from you folks. Please mail me to iamdon7 gmail. But when i also went to see it out of curiosity, by reading many nadi they asked whehter the details matched and it did not match with any nadi.

Who is famous astrologer in vaitheeswaran koil?

I strongly feel, if we believe in God, we shouldn't go for these astrology. Let things happen as He plans and lets dance to His tune. Hi, i went to vaitheeswaran koil this past friday..

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  • Can somebody advise me to a good nadi chovadi readerPrasad do you rememberthe guy who read yourscan you email me--on: Thanapalan8 yahoo. I am leaving next week to Trichy, and my first stop is Chidhbaram, Vaideswaran Koil, The only nadi reader that I know is Mr Alexander in Srikali, one of my family friend visited him last year, anyone can recommend a genuine reader, Much appreciated, Sateesh KS, Johore, Msia as of 06th April Hai all, I am kanna from AP.

    My e-mail id kannaiahkunur yahoo. I want visit V. It might be true or not but i want ot check it on my own. I want to visit V. My e-mail id srakkireddy1 gmail.

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    I am sowjanya from AP. Planning to vist vaideeswaran koil during the end of december. Can anyone give me the contact details and address and cost of a genuine naadi astrologer?. Please respond to subbaraob gmail. Please contact me thru uma gmail. Upload or insert images from URL. Vedic Astrology Jyotisha Search In. All Activity Home IndiaDivine. Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts. Guest guest. Report post.

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    Posted May 21, Dear Sanjeev, How was the reading How accurate was it and how much did they charge? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I had seen the 'pothu kandam' more than a yr back. So far there is no contradiction, major things have to happen in the future. In the past one year it is as expected no major contradictions. This time I had gone to see one of the specific kandams. Reg the past, usually they don go into depth except tell basic family details and name, which were correct, otherwise it was my leaf anyway!!

    NADI ASTROLOGER VASHISTAR mopoxafuncsick.gqUTHU - mopoxafuncsick.gq

    The future is the key. They charge Rs per kandam.

    Naadi Astrology Vaitheeswaran Koil Nadi Jeevanaadi Jeevanadi +91 944 398 6041 , 944 060 2795

    Posted May 23, In every profession there r quacks, in astrology its difficult to identify them. But in poosamuthu center, I see people who ve been coming back after 15 yrs or 30 yrs, since the last reading. This was reg my son.

    They collect all info by asking those questions. After this I lost my faith in nadi as practised today. The problem is finding a genuine one. But a good majority have been fooled and cheated. Such people must be exposed and punished under the law. Posted April 6, Pls dont get carried away with any such frauds in the name of PaArihara [i didnt do one] They would insist you for doing pariharams.

    Poosamuthu nadi astrology vaitheeswaran koil

    Poosamuthu Nadi Center in Vaitheeswaran is a hut of cheap frauds, these days.!!! Guest Gaurav. Posted November 10, Guest shailaja menon. Posted March 20,